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Theodore Roosevelt Visitor’s Pavilion, Rock Creek Park

An open air visitor’s pavilion dedicated to the environmental conservation efforts of President Theodore Roosevelt. The proposed siting in Rock Creek Park recalls Roosevelt’s exploits in the natural world, including regular Presidential “walks” in this hardscrabble environment in the District of Columbia. The pavilion provides open air exhibition, information and support spaces that can be secured during off hours through the use of operable panels. The panels, in open position, act as a screen to mediate the pedestrian transition between interior and exterior environments. The project features both grand and intimate spaces incorporating historical, interactive and video exhibition material. Food service, outdoor café seating and rest rooms dedicated to the pavilion also provide a fair weather amenity for the park. Furthering the spirit of President Roosevelt, photo voltaic panels are employed on the south façade to demonstrate this energy conservation technology. These panels also provide spatial and visual separation between the pavilion and heavily trafficked approach on the south side of the building. The glass PV panels, however, permit diffused views both into and out of the pavilion on this edge preventing the pavilion from appearing to be a barrier between visitor approach and the natural landscape beyond. The pavilion design was part of a facility proposal prepared for consideration by interested constituents.


Washington, D.C.